Share of renewable sources in heating and cooling in 2019: 40.47%

Number of district heating systems: 2 (8 companies)

Share of district heating in total heat demand/supply: 14%*

Share of renewable sources in district heating system: is negligible

Share of CHP technology in the district heating: 79%

Annual gross heat production in district heating: 174 ktoe

Moldova has district heating systems in two towns, Chisinau, operated by JSC “Termoelectrica”, and Balti, operated by JSC “CET-Nord῎. The district heating power plants use CHP technology. JSC “Termoelectrica” is delivering annually thermal energy for heating and domestic hot water to about 5.000 buildings. Moldova᾽s district heating system predominately relies on natural gas (99,9%). District heating is regulated by the national regulatory authority (ANRE). In both Chisinau and Balti, heat consumption is measured at the building level, which is further distributed and billed to individual units per square meter. Biomass-fired heating systems were installed in 144 public institutions in rural communities through the Moldova Energy and Biomass Project developed with EU and UNDP support.

* IRENA REmap CESEC 2020