• Joint GIZ and Energy Community Carbon Pricing Training Series
    The Energy Community Secretariat and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) are kicking off their Carbon Pricing Training Series in January 2022. District heating companies of Contracting Parties using fossil fuels and emitting GHG emissions, as well as other energy companies, will be eventually subject to carbon pricing. In the European Union, emissions form […]
  • 48% of households in Serbia use wood fuels as a heat source
    Accurate and reliable statistics are essential in terms of planning for the energy transition. The Energy Community Secretariat has supported the Contracting Parties in conducting surveys on the consumption of different energy products and fuels in households in accordance with Regulation (EU) 431/2014. A particular focus was put on the consumption of biomass in order to accurately […]
  • Implementation of heat supply system based on third party access to existing DH infrastructure in Slavutych, Ukraine
    The Renewable Energy Directive 2018/2001 (RED II) in Article 24 (4) sets the legal basis for allowing third parties which produce heat from renewable sources to be connected to the network of district heating operators. RED II was adapted and adopted in the Energy Community legal framework at the Ministerial Council in November 2021, imposing […]
  • Advancing District Heating & Cooling Solutions and Uptake in European Cities
    The European Commission has been funding research and innovation activities in the district heating and cooling sector (DHC) to drive the energy transition. These projects have been developing new solutions for renewable thermal generation and waste heat reuse that can be replicated elsewhere.  The overview of all DHC projects supported by EU funds can be […]
  • How would heating and cooling sector contribute to EU 2030 decarbonisation goal – NECPs measures
    To provide a starting point for exchanging best practices, the Secretariat launched a discussion paper outlining the objectives and measures defined in NECPS of selected EU Member States. This report assesses the NECPs of seven EU Member States with different outlooks of heating and cooling sectors: Denmark, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. […]