Share of renewable sources in heating and cooling in 2019: 30.15%

Number of district heating systems: 1

Share of district heating in total heat demand/supply: 8%*

Share of renewable sources in district heating system: 0%

Share of CHP technology in the district heating: 45.5%

Annual gross heat production in district heating: 49 ktoe

In North Macedonia, the only active district heating systems are in the capital city of Skopje. Three companies: “Balkan Energy Group” JSC (BEG), “ESM” JSC and ” Skopje Sever” JSC produce, distribute and supply heat. “TE-TO” JSC Skopje produces electricity and heat using co-generation technology. The largest heating system has a total installed capacity of 475 MW and 53.000 consumers. JSC ESM’s subsidiary, Energetika, with an installed capacity of about 50 MW has over 3.700 customers, while the third system of Skopje, Sever AD Skopje, has 8 MW installed capacity. All three companies are using gas as fuel. District heating is regulated by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). The heating service is paid based on the measured delivered energy at the entrance of the buildings.

* IRENA REmap CESEC 2020