Share of renewable sources in heating and cooling in 2019: 54.55%

Number of district heating systems: 4

Share of district heating in total heat demand/supply: 2%

Share of renewable sources in district heating system: 0%

Share of CHP technology in the district heating: 96.6%

Annual gross heat production in district heating: 20.5 ktoe

Kosovo* has district heating systems in four municipalities: Prishtina, operated by JSC “Termokos”, Gjakova, operated by JSC “Gjakova”, Mitrovica and Zvečan, operated by “Termomit” and “Zvečan”, organised as business units of integrated municipal enterprises. Kosovo*᾽s district heating system predominately relies on coal (96.6%) and petroleum products (3.4%). The district heating system in Prishtina is connected to the Thermal Power Plant Kosovo B. District heating systems are regulated by the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO). There are two models of billing: metered, and unmetered, which prevails at present. Gjakova municipality is constructing a biomass co-generation plant, funded by a significant EU grant, which will replace the existing heavy fuel oil heating plant.